Pilo Fabric Shaver-Grey, Steamery

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Behind the minimalistic design you will find a machine with an engine twice as powerful as any other fabric shaver on the market. The Pilo is gentle and works on all kinds of materials, such as; wool, cotton, synthetic fibers etc.   

The Pilo is gentle and works perfectly on all kinds of wool, like cashmere, merino and alpaca etc.  

A Pilo can be used on all kinds of fabrics, even delicate ones as cashmere, merino and alpaca. Make sure that you are gentle and use a steady surface when you use the Pilo on sheer fabrics.

What’s included when I purchase a Pilo? An exclusive USB-cable, a small brush for cleaning and a manual. Please note: no adapter/transformer included.

How long does it take to charge a Pilo, and how long can I use it when fully charged? When charged for 5 hours you can give those lints a hard time for about 1 hour.  

Is the Pilo chargeable? Pilo comes with a USB-cord that makes it possible to charge the device directly through a USB-port on a computer or a smartphone adapter. Please note: no adapter/transformer included.

Voltage and Frequency:100-240V/50/60Hz

1-Year Warranty

Power: 5W

Can be Used Worldwide

Continuous Lint Removing: 50 minutes

Battery Charging Time: 5 hours