Beautiful basin ideal for creating a great atmosphere in either your bathroom or kitchen. Use the ba..
Get a gentle yet effective peel with this body brush called Borago. In the shower, use the brush to ..
Foot cream, with a touch of herbs. Apply to clean and dry feet. Massage the cream into your feet...
Give your bathroom a natural spa-like feel with the right items that urge you to slow down. This pit..
Konjac sponge, Meraki
11,88€ 9,90€
Meraki introduces the konjac sponge, White, which can be used for the entire body due to its square ..
At Meraki, we have what you need in order to get manicured nails. This nail clipper is easy to use a..
A must in your bathroom or weekend bag. Keep your nails healthy and take good care of them with this..
Do you need face and body glow but want an easy solution? These self-tanning drops from Meraki are e..
Soap, Sesame Scrub,150gMeraki
11,12€ 13,90€
This mild soap is attached to a fine, little rope and will have a great decorative effect in your ba..
Sugar oil body scrub, 150ml, Meraki
22,41€ 24,90€
Rejuvenate the skin and bring back its glowy smoothness with this delicate sugar body scrub. Made wi..
Use this wonderful therapy pillow to provide your body with a relaxing and warm feeling. The pillow ..
Wooden cuticle sticks, Meraki
2,80€ 3,50€
In order to obtain beautiful and manicured nails, it is important to remember to care for the cuticl..